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KADOSCH, compositions, acoustic-guitar and sampler

French composer, passionate hard worker, multiplies his musical adventures as a composer.
In PICTOGAMMES (quadraphonic sound architectures) Kadosch and Jacques Labarrière probe together the sign language, the symbols, the marks and the signals and set to music their communication and orientation roles. Their PICTOGAMMES offer an explanatory value where words are insufficient or incomprehensible.

Through the
VOZVOIXVOICE CD, he develops a concept with the Brazilian singer Tetê Espindola, about fauna and flora endangered species.

He sets to music in
 PRESQU'ÎLES LETTRÉES,, a cellos' quintet and writes many vocal games related to illiteracy.

 PAPER PIANO, Kadosch composes the music and creates musical languages of inanimate objects. It’s about the music of music-paper, the "origamique music".
Daniel Goyone (piano) and Kadosch, (writing in pencil in rhythm, peeling, tearing, creasing, typewriters, scissors, staplers ...)

With BABELEYES, Disappearing Languages (Hevhetia 2015) Kadosch had the feeling to lay hands on the languages raw material, in an alchemical and phonetic meaning.This sound palette allowed him to sculpt the plastic of words and to orchestrate their syllables using their musicality.
He wants his public to be aware of what represents the disappearing of a language every 15 days, and seeks to act for the safeguard of those Endangered Languages and Endangered Cultures.

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« KADOSCH is the opposite of CHAMPOLLION : instead of reading hieroglyphs, he creates them, in BabelEyes.In the creation of new languages, he pursues his vocation of creating new universes, that you already find in his music.
But this is no mere taste for exotic sounds, for he has a true attraction to the mystery of words, syllables, and phenomenas, a wish to vocalize the universe, yet never losing sight of the ever-present potential of music itself to reveal new meaning. »