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Rosalie HARTOG,

Rosalie recently cooperate with Kadosch about dying languages. Her "natural voice" in BabelEyes melt into her violin. This sonic union travels beyond notes, words, syllables and phonemes to meet other paths of sound.
Voca-violinist expert, she expresses herself with her violin since the age of three.

Her studies led her to Toulouse where she is awarded the highest violin and chamber music prize. She gets simultaneously a master degree in cinema at the University in proposing a 35 mm short film.

Eager to improve her artistic skills, she entered the Arpège Jazz music.

Soon after her arrival in Paris, she starts a creative life collaborating in full-length movies and colorful music concerts: theatrical creations “the flood” by E. Zamiatine.
She occasionaly played with artists like Aznavour, Corneille... and recorded original movie soundtracks with composers like Michel Legrand, Nicolas Babi.
She also played with the Hauts-de-Seine Symphonic Orchestra.

You can hear her playing in movies like : « Ces amours là » (Lelouch), « Les Poupées Russes »(Klapish), « Le Convoyeur » (Boukrief) , « Ne touche pas à la hache » (Rivette) et «Jean-Philippe » (Hallyday/Luchini).
Rosalie Hartog was Juliette Binoche musical coach for the movie « Alice et Martin » in 1997 (Téchiné).

She composes, sings and is performing in many countries with the Balval quintet (3 albums) and her duet “Rouge Tandem”. Recently, she engaged in several musical creations like the «Pan à Paname» -steel band, the string quartet “Accordo”, and Kadosch : BabelEyes and Pix’Elles Rhapsody.

Balval « Blizzard Bohème », « Le ciel tout nu », « Ten hand band »
BabX « christal Ballroom »
L « premières lettres »
Camélia Jordana / Nicolas Fraissinet « courants d’air », « les métamorphoses »
"Live"-Pan à Paname « Fantaisies pour steel band »
Kadosch «BabelEyes», «Pix’Elles Rhapsody»